How The Cloud Can Improve Your Business Communications

by | Nov 10, 2014

How to use technology for better business communications is a question many companies are asking. With today’s technology evolving at a brisk pace, and all sorts of new products and services available, organizations are tasked with weighing the advantages versus the investment. To be sure, there’s a lot to consider.

In this post, I break things down to the basics—sharing some fundamental ways today’s communications technology can benefit your business.

6 Reasons Businesses Are Investing in New Communications Technology
Here are six of the top advantages driving business leaders to invest in new communications technology:

  1. Simplify system scaling
    Equipment is clunky. It takes up space, and requires purchasing and installation. But new technology—like the cloud—is decreasing the amount of equipment necessary for an advanced communications system.

    That gives your business more agility, enabling you to expand and get new offices up and running a whole lot quicker.

  2. Increase information sharing
    In the past, employees faced a lot of barriers to effective communications. Technology has broken down many of those barriers. We’ve gone from faxing and tethered phones to emailing and mobile devices.

    New technology continues that march. Today’s unified communications solutions enable employees to connect with co-workers and clients and share information in more ways than ever before.

  3. Drive greater productivity
    New communications technology is all about doing more in less time. That can be shaving seconds off of each call with one-click dialing or allowing employees from across the globe to connect via video conferencing.

    Faster, smarter communications means employees can get more accomplished in a shorter time frame.

  4. Learn more from data
    The name of the game in business today is data. By collecting and analyzing data, businesses can discover what’s working and what isn’t—and make the necessary adjustments. New technology is making more data available, and making it much easier to sort through.
  5. Work from anywhere
    Technology has broken down the limitations of office walls. This has given companies access to more skills and expertise than ever before.

    With advanced phone solutions, employees can work from anywhere and appear to be talking from their desk phones. With audio and video conferencing solutions, great minds from across the globe can collaborate in real time. That flexibility has given businesses unlimited growth potential.

  6. Focus more on mission
    As an organization, you have your core service or mission. And then you have everything else that supports it. Oftentimes the support system grows bigger than the core. Communications is a prime example.

    Today’s technology is giving businesses more options. With a cloud-based phone system, for example, you take the responsibility of managing your phone system largely out of your hands—freeing up more resources to focus on your core services.

Always Be Looking for a Better Way
The goal of new communications technology is to answer the essential questions: How can we do this better? How can we remove the barriers that are limiting our employees and our business?

That’s largely what’s fueling the push to the cloud these days. Companies are discovering the cloud gives them the ability to do things more quickly and easily, and conserve precious resources in the process.

That’s really the ultimate value new technology provides businesses. When it’s a good fit, it offers a better way of doing things. And smart business leaders are always on the lookout for a better way.

Scott Maggard
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