HostMyCalls Receives Award

In March of 2021, HostMyCalls received an award from Enterprise Networking magazine. In their annual selection of the Top 10 VoIP Solution Providers, HostMyCalls was chosen to receive the Company of the Year Award.  In the March publication of their magazine they...

Does Every Business Need Detailed Forecasting and CRM?

It’s amazing how the right leadership in an organization can allow a business to grow by allowing their employees and salesforce to do their job without interference. Some companies have too much of a forced focus on Forecasting, CRM, Reports, internal meetings, and...

Is it OK to Brag on Real Accomplishments?

Many thanks to “all” of our new customers and to “all” of our existing customers for your continued support. We have grown our customer base by 47% and our revenue base by 43% in the last 18 months. Additionally, a special thanks to our support and installation staff...

Mine Is Bigger

Is bigger always better? Who is Bigger? Who is Better? Who has longest list of capabilities? Who has the most experience? Who has the “Hottest Features”? Whose is the sexiest?’ Unfortunately that is the world we live in. Trump recently dared Kim Jong-un to...

Increase Your Closing Percentage

   I have been in sales for almost 30 years and have always been extremely blessed to maintain a very high closing percentage. I have customers that have followed me personally through several companies and stayed with me throughout my sales career. I attribute this...
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