IP Packet Loss and Delay Test

Test Your Connection Back To Our Hosted PBX Service Facility

This tool provides a means to find the source of slow Internet speeds, packet loss and latency. It monitors an Internet connection and all the routers or hops of the Internet Service Provider (ISP) serving it. Areas of packet loss and latency will be discovered and highlighted. Internet connection speeds are hampered by errors and congestion. Errors and congestion cause lost and delayed packets. Finding the location of lost and delayed packets also identifies the source of slow Internet speeds. It will monitor an Internet connection from 1 hour to 7 days making it ideal for finding intermittent problems. The results can be dynamically displayed as data is collecting. It is free! We hope it is helpful in solving your problem!

The connection tool will open in a new tab and be in a plain HTML page.  When your test is finished, feel free to close the tab.

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