911 Emergency Calling

This is an important notice to all HostMyCalls customers (Subscribers) who use any of our hosted PBX or hosted VoIP services.

A call placed to a 911 Emergency Service facility, also known as a Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP), utilizes the telephone number provided from the caller to access a database to provide a physical address to determine where to dispatch emergency services or place a return call if they are disconnected before emergency service can be determined.

The Public Safety Challenges of VoIP Service

Traditional phone services have generally associated a particular phone number with a fixed address. Portable interconnected VoIP service, which includes our hosted PBX or hosted VoIP services, enables Subscribers the ability to re-locate phones of their business phone service almost anywhere. Because of this possible portability, Subscribers can use their service from virtually any Internet connection anywhere and the location of the caller most likely cannot be determined automatically.

What You Need to Do if Moving Your Phone(s)

All Subscribers must provide HostMyCalls in advanced, with new address location information for any or all supported telephone stations.

HostMyCalls provides several convenient ways for you to request an update to the address used for your 911 calls.

Contact our Customer Support Center by:

1)      Calling from a HostMyCalls supported telephone, dial 6000

2)      Calling from a HostMyCalls supported telephone, dial 7000

3)      Calling from any other telephone, dial 800.434.9608

4)      Send an e-mail to support@hostmycalls.com

5)      Use the on-line form below

In all cases, you must provide follow-up telephone contact information along with Subscriber information detailing individual telephone extensions and business telephone numbers.  Change requests are not complete until you receive written confirmation from our Customer Support Team.

911 Update
Location address where phone(s) are being Moved
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