HostMyFax Internet Faxing is provided by iMS, LLC.  
The very same that brings you HostMyCalls.


Allows users to send and receive faxes from their work computer.  No need to print your documents and go to the office fax machine where often you wait while it is receiving a fax or in use by another user.

Remote Accessibility

HostMyFax Internet faxing can be done ‘on the go’ via tablet devices and smart phones, offering flexibility that traditional faxing cannot match.


Faxing from computers eliminates traditional fax machine issues such as running out of paper, paper jams or machine in use.   HostMyFax servers queue faxes to busy fax numbers eliminating manual resending.


HostMyFax Internet faxing does not require the use of a TELCO fax line.  There are no local or domestic Long Distance charges for outgoing faxes.


Internet faxing offers the user faxing within the security of their work space, as opposed to traditional office faxing where machines and their output can be accessed by many different people.

Environmentally Friendly

Naturally with Email faxing there is no paper consumption, no need for ink, in fact no need for physical materials whatsoever. It presents a more resource-friendly method of sending faxes.  This can benefit the planet as well as your wallet.


HostMyFax Internet faxing allows you to digitally store all the faxes that were sent and received, saving time, effort, and resources.

Traditional Faxing

Used with a traditional fax machine, users can securely send a fax while receiving multiple faxes at the same time.

Call us (800.434.9608) or Contact Us to get started.

* To keep a number, existing Carrier must release it to be able to port to HostMyFax.  Most do.

** When using a traditional fax machine with an optional HostMyFax ATA, fax transmissions to the HostMyFax servers are sent in a highly secure process using HTTPS.

*** Sending faxes within the lower 48 States do not incur any Long Distance charges.

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