SMS Widget

SMS Widget – is an SMS Pro version feature which allows SMS customers to place the SMS Widget on their website.

Visitors to a customer’s website can use the Widget to initiate/request a text message conversation to their cell phone.The customer’s SMS assigned staff will receive the incoming text request with basic information. Messaging between the staff and visitor takes place as a normal SMS conversation.

Much as Live Chat widgets can offer quick and timely assistance to customers or visitors, the HostMyCalls SMS Widget, as part of the SMS service, can as well but with some critical advantages.

With the SMS Widget, the communication is moved from the website to the greater mobile SMS service. The customer or visitor no longer must stay on the Live Chat widget page or even the website to have dialog they seek.

The SMS contact information is retained on the HostMyCalls SMS platform and is available for future contact or campaigns. Moreover, when used strategically, it can serve to greatly contribute to increased engagement, boosted customer satisfaction, and improved sales, while also reducing your customer support costs.

Our robust list of features overshadows our competitors and is surprisingly affordable!

Give it a try! Just click the text icon on this page…
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