Does Every Business Need Detailed Forecasting and CRM?

by | Oct 10, 2019

It’s amazing how the right leadership in an organization can allow a business to grow by allowing their employees and salesforce to do their job without interference. Some companies have too much of a forced focus on Forecasting, CRM, Reports, internal meetings, and trying to figure out who they are, which often gets in the way of true selling. Regardless of how some people define sales (many incorrectly), it is the art of understanding a business, the needs, the personnel, and building a relationship to the point where the prospect is convinced that your products and services are their “best” option! People often buy from you the first time because they like you, they continue to buy from you for decades because they trust you. Never sell a prospect something they don’t need, it will cost you in the long run.

Scott Maggard

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