Who Tel?

by | Jan 15, 2019

What “Tel” or “Tail” are you chasing today? It is amusing to watch companies with no identity of their own still trying to figure this out. Companies/Vendors have tried to transition through multiple different platforms and buyouts, including Nortel, Avaya, ShoreTel, and now even Mitel. Customers are frankly tired of watching their vendors attempt to adopt the identity of the “Flavor of the Week” and being held hostage. The principals of these companies planned on their maintenance base as their “retirement revenue”. However, they are seeing their revenue base on premise equipment decrease drastically, but instead of creating their own identity or embracing newer technology, they continue to raise maintenance pricing to help cover their eroding base. In the end, it is the customers that have paid the price.

Customers have had it up to their eyeballs and are rapidly jumping ship. We have been offering “Hosted Voice” since 2001! If you are a business consumer, how does no upfront cost for installation, no upfront cost for equipment, all Moves/Adds/Changes included, warranty for life, no maintenance agreements and free upgrades sound? That is correct, a new phone system with no capital expenditure. Nearly 70-80% of the time we actually give a prospect a new phone system and still save them money over their current rates.

If you are a vendor that is watching your maintenance base erode, why not look to us help build your revenue base and retirement income? Our 18+ years of Hosted Voice Experience is unrivaled!

If you are ready to stop “Chasing Your Tel/Tail”, please contact me direct. I’m happy to discuss our Hosted Platform or our Channel Sales Program!



Scott Maggard
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