Mine Is Bigger

by | Jul 17, 2019

Is bigger always better? Who is Bigger? Who is Better? Who has longest list of capabilities? Who has the most experience? Who has the “Hottest Features”? Whose is the sexiest?’

Unfortunately that is the world we live in. Trump recently dared Kim Jong-un to compare nuclear buttons stating “Mine is bigger”. Restaurants are constantly pushing the “Big Value” meals or asking you to “Upsize” or “Biggie Size”. “Live Larger” is now a local real estate slogan tempting people to upgrade their home. The “Bigger”name or “Upsized” version doesn’t mean it is better, and often not what was advertised!

I have been in the telecom industry for almost 30 years now and needless to say I have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. Unfortunately, I have seen prospects make some really bad decisions based on something new and cool or a “must have” feature only to wind up not using it later. One example several years ago was that everyone wanted this “cool” feature called Off Hook Voice Announce(OHVA). This was the ability to Intercom through someone’s speakerphone even if they were on the phone. In reality, this turned out to be very annoying and most people stopped using it. However, we saw people making 5-6 figure decisions based on this “feature” alone because it was new and not all competitors had it.

Although we have a feature list over 6 pages long, so do most other providers. What really sets us aside is our service and implementation team. The biggest difference between an OK phone system and a great one is the installation and training. HostMyCalls still does the full implementation and training of your new system. We don’t just ship you a pallet of phones, tell you to get them on the network, and then call us for porting, programming, and remote training. We manage the process from start to finish, including the physical installation of the phones and the individual user training.

If you are looking for a top VOIP provider focused on Customer Satisfaction and Customer Service, and not who has the most or coolest features, reach out to me and let’s discuss our Hosted Platform (UCaaS). We are happy to discuss your internal system or if you are interested in being a Channel Partner we are happy to discuss also!

Scott Maggard 
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