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Customer Support Contact Information

HostMyCalls and Ideacom Technologies are Trade-names of ipSBS Managed Services, LLC

Emergency Technical Support
We provide Emergency Technical Support 24/7. When placing an emergency service request, please place it by phone only. Email is not monitored 24/7.

Non-emergency Customer Support
Routine Customer Support is provided Monday – Friday from 8 am to 8 pm (Eastern).

How to Contact Us

If calling from a HostMyCalls supported telephone which uses 3 digit extensions, dial 600.

If calling from a HostMyCalls supported telephone using 4 digit extensions, dial 6000.

If calling from any other telephone, dial 800.434.9608.

Send messages via email to: support@hostmycalls.com or fill out the form completely
(non-emergency requests only)

Join Remote Assistance Session

If you have been instructed to join a remote support session with one of the HostMyCalls staff, follow this link and use the credentials provided to join.


Business Hours:

8a-5p Eastern, M-F

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